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Rails app with mysql

Rb file again, and edit it as follows: This creates comments as a nested resource within articles.
We'll use vi: vi config/database.We have to whitelist our controller parameters to prevent wrongful mass assignment.To use the authentication system, we specify it at the top of our ArticlesController in In our case, we want the user to be authenticated on every action except index and show, so we write that: We also want to allow only authenticated users.If you now go to you'll almost be able to create an article.The general layout of a Rails application.Rb file and edit it: These changes will ensure that all articles have a title that is at least five characters long.Org/core/ Also, Ruby documentation can be found at by-lang.App/helpers Holds view helpers that should spel 21 loten be named like weblogs_helper.More details can be found in form_with documentation.The difference is the line belongs_to :article, which sets up an Active Record association.As we have already seen, this calls the show action of the ArticlesController which in turn renders the b template.It should look something like the following: root 'welcome#index' tells Rails to map requests to the root of the application to the welcome controller's index action and get 'welcome/index' tells Rails to map requests to to the welcome controller's index action.Fortunately there are a lot of tools that will help you debug it and get it back on the rails.If you get an error that says "Access denied for user 'root localhost' (using password: YES)Please provide the root password voetbal wedden duitsland for your MySQL installation press Ctrl-c to quit.In addition, the code takes advantage of some of the methods available for an association.Please do add any missing documentation for master.Then revisit the previous subsection (Configure Database Connection) to be sure that the password in database.It's inside this class that you'll define methods that will become the actions for this controller.Let's do it: And then finally, add the view for this action, located at app/views/articles/b: Now if you go to http localhost:3000/articles you will see a list of all the articles that you have created.The mysql2 gem provides this functionality.You need to install ruby-debug to run the server in debugging mode.